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The Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame
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The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is not just to honor inductees but also to honor the Fans that have shown their support over many decades for Buffalo Sports teams, Musicians and Broadcasters. The Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame will be a tribute to the Fans and their dedication to being a #1 Fan. If it were not for the fans, there would be no sports, music or broadcasting!

  • The Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame is for the purpose of annually honoring a devout and longtime Buffalo Fan. In recognition of being selected to the Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame, the winner receives a membership to the Hall along with a plaque on the permanent ‘Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame’ and a display in his/her honor for the year of their induction.

  • The ‘Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame’ will be a permanent display inside the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience.

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